Laron and Eldest Gunungkidul Natural Resources Nutrition

Insha Allah the rainy season has arrived, farmers busy planting with enthusiasm and expectation bias with more harvest, soil land which had turned into a wet and dry here and there, which began to grow daundaun menghijau.Alloh lower sustenance and rohmat_NYA form of rain.

Other evidence of the power of Allah is in the morning on the sidelines of the existing soil or kepundungnya termites will exit “Laron” which later flying even then fell back to earth after its wings lepas.Sewaktu young writers came back with memories to find Laron every morning before berangkaty to school or pass on Sunday and Libur.Denganmembawa panic filled with water we sat near the exit hole Laron (Leng Laron) indicated many termites or lebe). With those skilled moths we caught and then put into a pan that has been berisis water so Laron can no longer fly lagi.Atau when moths are not out of the hole so we took a stick to pry / mencuthik Laron is still in the tin lubangnya.Bila’ve collected a lot of the later Laron is in the pot we clean up from the wing and there may be little termites and lebe who participated into the pot, if poorer still difficult to remove the wings or feathers are then usually fried Laron couple (without oil) for their feathers and then we blow dry so that the feathers are loose and Laron moths live without hair.

Also look for Laron (oldest) in the evening no less asyiknya.Dengan capitalize; ampu senthir (time immemorial) or electric lamp and a tray of water berisis the moths will come and then get stuck into a tray that contains water and we stayed collected by hand and then cook it after biulu-fur removed.

When the feathers had been lost Laron fur then cook them live according to our tastes:

1. In-rolled: Laron inserted into banana leaves and then flavored salts, brambang subsequently immersed in wood fireplace. After a few minutes and banana leaves are blackened then benaman Laron pack it we take and in use for side dishes with rice thiwul not known until the pleasure of fortune.
2. Wingko then fried with salt and onion flavored, once used to cook side dishes with rice thiwul
3. Mixed with grated coconut and steamed some wasps delicious condiment saatmenjadi only too well grounded.

Similarly, a glimpse of the rainy season and once in season one after another “Laron ‘which is a mercy from AlloSWT to his people in Gunungkidul that because of natural conditions then reduce Laron Allah as a source of animal protein in every season penghujan.Alloh maha Fair and not likely to persecute to his people, but why we often deny and do not engage in immoral acts violate the ban and carry out his orders?


O The people who believe if engaku help religion of Allah then Allah will help and strengthen kedudukanmu

(Q.S Muhammad paragraph 7)