Fig. Drini Beach

Natural beauty of Allah’s creation in Gunungkidul DIYogyakarta one Drini beach is the beach Drini.Lokasi when taken from Wonosari which is a capital of Gunung sekitar27 km away across the beach with Baron, Kukup beaches and beach Drini.Bila of Yogyakarta Yogyakarta is about 67 Km.Dari before entered the town at the roundabout Siyonoharjo Wonosari exactly turn right through Ringroad south and after passing the intersection Seneng Siraman turn right onto the beach Baron.

From the splash of water will pass through the intersection Seneng Karangrejek, Mulo danlurus continued south past the villages Karang asem, Tamarind, Kemadang with the winding road up and down that need to be extra careful when we are riding a motorcycle or car. On either side of the road when she reached in Pecan will be visible mountains are lined with a thousand strong.

Before entering the beach where we will pass the PLA in addition to tickets for visitors is also a ticket for parking motorcycles and cars will be drawn in TPR ini.Bila we want to see the beauty of Baron beach we could go straight on to the South coast of Baron but if we want to direct to the beach Drini Baron then immediately before entering the beach turn left towards the beach Drini by first passing Kukup beach with views of huge waves.

About 5 km from the beach, we go to the beach Baron Drini that are still contaminated by humans. Subkhanalloh white sand beach with his lips can we see in front of us with Drini island and a vast blue sea water with a roll of waves that are besar.Kita could play on the white sand and if you want a break can take shelter under shady trees. If you want sholatpun already available mosque representative with the size 7 mx 7 m.

If we want to go to the island Drini live across the white sand water payai or later with the trail ride into the island to see the sights offshore area and the surrounding landscape.

Let if there is time and opportunity to visit the beach Drini Gunungkidul Yogyakarta keluarga.Selamat with relatives relatives or on vacation.


‘My people will look at the last day with shining faces, hands and legs glistening from the scars ablution. “(Narrated by Ahmad, Bukhari and Muslim)