Fig. The new rice seedlings uprooted from the nursery

Fig. Rice seedlings ready for planting

Below are photos of how to plant rice in the rice fields. Before the rice seedlings are planted the seeds of paddy (rice) made seeding after the age of sati in the rice seedlings ready for transplanting.

While waiting for the rice plant-that created the seed, the land to be planted hoe made in advance with bed-beds, and do not forget given manure or leaves for a natural fertilizer.

Figure Location of planting back hoe

Figure Location of planting back hoe

Fig. Planted in existing beds
Fig. Rice plants after a month after planting

When everything is ready to be planted, the land flowing with water and then land back hoe to make the soil and plants when there are bullies taken. Rice plants from the nursery plucked and cleaned the roots from the soil attached then tied with a binder Binder bsa of bamboo or palm leaves.

When biit is ready and the land was flowing with water then began planting rice seedlings in paddy plots in mudur for growers not to step on rice seeds have been planted.