Assembly ta’lim Muftahul Huda who beralamt in Trimulyo I Rt 05 Rw 01 Kepek Wonosari Gunungkidul an assembly held study groups active in the environmental study Rt tersebut.Majelis ta’lim pioneered by chairman Rt 05 Rw 01 Trimulyo first time father of Drs Widjarto It held the activities increased to-Imanan citizens, these activities include:

1. Pengajian routine monthly every second Tuesday night.

2. Activities tarowih prayer congregation each month Romadlon

3. Sacrifice of animal slaughter activities during the month Dhulhijah

4. Collection infaq each study conducted.

Governing council study groups include:

Chairman: Bp. Murdiyono

Secretary: Bp. Sularto

Treasurer: Bp. Triatmaji

Section Da’wah: Bp. Arif Spd

Bp. Drs Widjarto

Conducted monthly lectures arranged alternately in the homes of Rt and after the study was also conducted deliberations Rt discuss environmental problems as well as residents.

So quick recitation of the Assembly ta’lim Miftahul Huda Trimulyo I Rt 05 RW 01 Kepek Wonosari Gunungkidul, may be a means of helping religion of Allah so that Islam became Rohmatan lil ‘alamin.


to care what is on earth, then thou shall have mercy what’s in the sky