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Fig. Bp. Sadiyo Spd, Bp. Parks, R Inggir bp, bp Drs Sutopo Giri santoso

In the framework of friendship and gratitude son father Inggit Rustiyono Spd, vocational school SMK Muhammadiyah I Playen visiting father Inggit Rustiyono in Kemiri  Tanjungsari  Gunungkidul on Saturday 20 November 2010. Bakdo Sholat  Dzuhur with two vehicles and motorcycles went to Kemiri Tanjungsari. At about 13:20 pm the group arrived at the house of the father Inggit and upon acceptance by the father and the father of Parks Inggit continued recitation delivered by the father of Drs H Heriyanto.

Teaching material because it is still within months Dzulhijah and simultaneously to tasyakuran Inggit father’s son takes the theme of history of STI Hajar and his son Prophet Ismail as well as the prophet Ibrahim in carrying obedience to Allah SWT. With Abrahim’s obedience and patience As and Prophet Ismail as it gave birth to a strong generation in the struggle to uphold Islam, expected Inggit father and mother could emulate the patience and obedience to the prophet Abraham, so Insya Allah his son who was named Aziz Ramadlon Pratama  could be a son who sholeh.Pengajian ended with a prayer and closing the event.

Before leaving the father of a family Inggit serve lunch for groups from schools, so rombonganpun enjoy dishes tersebut.Insya Allah father Inggit Rustiyono reward rewarded by God with a double reward.

Finished enjoying the meal the father of Drs Sutopo Giri Santoso as the headmaster of SMK Muhammadiyah I Playen represent entourage excused himself to go back to school.

So quick and recitation to the occasion: the father’s house Inggit Rustiyono new Spd given momongan on September 2, 2010, may be useful for children who sholeh state and nation. Amen
Say: “If you (really) love Allah, follow me, Allah will love you and forgive you your sins.” Allah is Forgiving, Merciful. (QSAli Imron paragraph 31)