The remarkable deeds of a Child Small
A child in China on January 27, 2006 received high awards from the government because otherwise have done “EXTRAORDINARY ACTION.” Among the nine recipients of the award, he was the only child who was elected from the 1.4 billion Chinese population. What makes it remarkable is considered it turns out was the attention and devotion to his father, always working hard and never give up, and the behavior and words that cause a sense of sympathy.

Since he was 10 years (in 2001) the child is abandoned by his mother who had had enough of living with her husband who was seriously ill and poor.
Since then, Zhang Da, thus the name of the boy, live with the father who did not work, can not walk and sickly. He is still too small to bear the heavy responsibility, but he still struggled.
He went on foot through a small forest. Because no breakfast, the journey that he ate the leaves, seeds and fruits which he encountered. Sometimes he tried to eat a type of fungus or the grass, so he knows which ones are acceptable and which are not his tongue. Home from school, he worked to divide large stones. Wage of a mason used to buy rice and medicine for his father.
Every day he carried his father to the bathroom, wiped and also bathe her father. He bought rice and porridge made to eat his father.
All the others were his father’s affairs which do alone. Drugs are expensive and far away places to make medical treatment Zhang Da thinking to find the best way to treat his father. He also learned about drugs through a used book that he bought. He studied how a nurse gives injections. Having felt able, he himself who injected her father.
When the awards ceremony took place, the host asked what it wants Zhang Da “Is money or other. Here there are many officials, businessmen, also there are hundreds of millions of television viewers, they can help you! “But what is said Zhang Da really surprising anyone, he simply said,” I just want my Mommy back!. ”
The story above is not only touching but also cause admiration. A 10-year-old child can run a heavy responsibility for 5 years. The difficulty of forging the child’s life has become a formidable figure of a child and never give up. Zhang Da arguably rare because it is very different from modern children. Today many children everything is always facilitated by their parents. For reasons unfortunately, parents are always helping his son, even though the child is able to do so. There are children who are in elementary school are fed, and wearing bajupun still be helped.

Potential child often appears just when forged difficulty, if step children always facilitated the kreatifvitas and his fighting power was not going to grow. Therefore, there is a saying, “Make it easy DO NOT LIVING CHILDREN TODAY, FOR LATER IN THE DAY trouble.”


Wisdom: love the what is on earth, then thou shall have mercy what’s in the sky