Genesis is the author see when visiting an elderly neighbor and a few days of illness and should be treated in hospital. The last time when going off to school at about 06.00 am because melewatu his home, the author stopped at once visited the circumstances. neighbor was still the communication can be invited only from the look on his face was depressed and there seems to be feeling great fear. His hands always find grip, especially to his wife and from his eyes look like there is a feeling of anxiety and extraordinary fear.

After a while waiting for the author finally excused herself to go to school, and answered by those with anggukan.Sampai Simbah at school around 0830 GMT on the bell by the author that the neighbor’s wife was summoned presented to Allah SWT approximately 08.00 hours to complete the task-WIB.Penulis tasks at school then go home for condolence.

The author was very impressed during the two hours before he died to see him, looking very frightened and agitated, and this is an experience very impressed.