Muhammadiyah Student Association

In order to improve the quality of human resources  Association SMK Muhammadiyah Student Association MUHAMMADIYAH I Playen while executing the work program period 2010-2011 conducted recitation continued activity on the beach Drini BOND OUT Gunungkidul.

Activities begin on Wednesday 17 November 2010 with  congregation Maghrib Prayer, followed Äôah Tadarus Al-Quran, which was hosted by the father continued Wadiyo berjama Isyak Prayer, Prayer Äôah.Selesai Isyak followed remarks the principal of SMK MUHAMMADIYAH I PLAYEN father Sutopo Giri Santoso Drs. After dinner proceed religious material that is currently focused on improving the quality of reading Al-Qur’an, Äôan. The first speaker, he the father of Sandi  Rohman SAg and its continued practice in personal reading to find out the level of quality as well as reading Al-Qur’an, Äôan from each of the HDI board.

At about 5:30 pm all participants to the location of Drini beach with a truck, escorted by teachers companion, father Pranowo, father and father Alim Cahyo Agus Budi Atmojo and mas Supriyanto.Until Drini beach after a short break while enjoying the beauty of Drini beach, followed by an explanation general by the builder HDI of activity that morning.

Activities are divided into a number of games that must be followed by all peserta.Dengan at breakfast snacks brought from the campus by Mas Eko Daryono event resumes with the games OUT

At about 23:00 pm all participants at rest, and at 3:00 pm followed Lail guided prayer father Ali Shodiqin SAG continued Subuh prayer. Fajr Prayer is complete and technical explanation followed Kultum olek chairman of IPM.

At about 5:30 pm with vehicles Trucks entire board melanjtkan IPM activities at the beach Drini Tepus Gunungkidul. After passing through the journey about 45 minutes reached the location of Drini beach followed a short break while enjoying the beauty and scenery of the cool Drini beach.

After a short break followed by an explanation of Mr. Agus Cahyo pack Alim and Mas Pranowo. Game BOND OUT 1, OUT BOND 2, BOND OUT 3 and OUT 4 BOND implemented interspersed breakfast brought by Mr. Eko Daryono from school. Game inished breakfast proceed further until the prayer dzuhur. After prayers dzuhur continued closure and return to my beloved school vocational MUHAMMADIYAH I PLAYEN.

Similarly, IPM activities SMK MUHAMMADIYAH glance I PLAYEN, may Allah Almighty always gives us strength.

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