Image: Inauguration of the Mosque by Sheikh Ubaid Al-Kasy

PP HIDAYATULLOH Gunungkidul cooperation with Yayasan Al-Madinah Al-YOGYAKARTA and NIDAA FOUNDATION FITRA United Arab Emirates (UAE) on Sunday 8 November 2009 inaugurated the mosque while Mahad at boarding school in the hamlet Kemorosari II, Piyaman Wonosari Gunungkidul Yogyakarta.
This activity began with prayer followed by remarks dzuhur congregation headman Piyaman Heri father Kiswanto Sag and recitation by Mr. H Sukasno Spd. Event Nucleus key handover ceremony and the mosque was preceded by Gema Divine Revelation by ustazd Ahmad Tukijo of Playen and continued welcome Camat Wonosari father Susamto well as signing the plaque along with Al-Madinah Foundation Yogyakarta and Nidaa al-Fitra Foundation United Arab Emirates (UAE). Delivery of key mosque by Sheikh Ubaid Al-Kasy representing Nidaa al-Fitra Foundation United Arab Emirates (UAE) to the nanny Sandra Rohman Sag Ustazd Maisonette, witnessed by the entire management of the Foundation Al-Madinah Islamic Boarding YOGYAKARTA as liaison with al-Fitra Nidaa Union Foundation United Arab Emirates (UAE). In this inauguration party Yogyakarta, Yayasan Al-Madinah was represented by Mr. H. Ridwan Hamidi Lc as the leader of Al-Madinah Foundation Yogyakarta.


Image: All Board PP Hidayatullah Gunungkidul and figures as well as guest unadangan

Present at the event community leaders, religious leaders and figures from the government as the father of Ir Imam Taufiq (Gunungkidul legislators), fathers Muspika Wonosari District and the Muslims and the Moslem community around Pondok pesantren.
fotobersamapengurusPada event was also handed over a parcel of Alp-Medina Foundation in Yogyakarta to 10 orphans boarding Hidayatulloh Gunungkidul built cottage.
Help the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to PP Hidayatulloh Gunungkidul form materials mosque with size 9 mx 9m with toilets and places wudlu as well as two local and one local study kantor.Adapaun space sheering of PP Hidayatulloh Gunungkidul form of workmanship from start to finish completion. In reality the field Hidayatulloh PP party still has a loan of several million dollars to the cost of processing power.
Similarly glimpse of the inauguration of the mosque and Mahad PP HIDAYATULLOH Gunungkidul Allah meridloi and hopefully become a place people coaching cadre who is ready to preach a period to be datang.Partisipasi Muslims everywhere are expected including infaq and shodaqoh hope to repay to a third party to lend dsana costs of construction carpenters start to finish. Until recently in November of 2010 the Committee of the Boarding SchoolHidayatullah Gunungkidul still have a loan of Rp. 12,000,000 (twelve million rupah), then for the philanthropists who want some sustenance please menginfaqkan associated with the boarding school administrators Hidayatulllah Gunungkidul.
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1. Edi Ustazd Abdus Salam (Head cottage) No HP: 085643388420
2. Drs Wadiyo (Treasurer) No HP: 0274 6542368
Aid can be channeled through an account to:
No. account: 0153-01-020935-50-3
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Bank: BRI Branch Wonosari 0153
May the good deeds of the Muslims wal father of Mrs. Muslimat rewarded by Allah with the multiple replies. Amien