Fig. Salak Trees damaged by sand Merapi

Fig. Angle one hamlet Grantingan


One of the vocational school program SMK  MUHAMMADIYAH I PLAYEN during the eruption of Mount Merapi catastrophe is gathering to carry out disaster-stricken regions and POSKO POSKO evacuation .Pada-round second week gathering held to a hamlet in the district Srumbung Magelag precisely in the hamlet village Grantingan Bringin.

Hospitality is currently held on Friday 11 November 2010. After the Friday Prayer after slesai packing and complete the task of our schools are a group went to the location. The delegation comprising Mr. Agus Suwasono, Mr. Sukrisno once drivers, Mr. Suproyono security guard and the writer himself and Ms. Rina Widiyanti, Mr. Tuti TU with Blue Deer favorite car go to location with the scout father Agus  Suwasono already on site survey.

Upon arrival in Yogyakarta Krasak bridge sand dust the rest of Merapi is still flying on either side of the street, the shops and stalls were closed only a fraction is already visible buka.Masuk Muntilan City fathers of the TNI with heavy equipment to clean the sand in the vicinity of the highway, a lot of sand dune on the right side of the road. Entrance Muntilan entourage turn right towards the hamlet Grantingan Bringin with asphalt roads that are still dusty and filled with sand although there has been a clean society by collecting and irrigate with ditch water so that berterbangan.Pohon mengurangu coconut dust and other crops still seen a lot of damaged and patah.Di entourage Bringin village junction turn right past the small road to the location. On the right side of the road bamboo trees were toppled and broken middle section as well as bark and other plant crops.

Arriving at our location received Mas Nasrudin and after a little help reduce rice, instant noodles, wear proper clothing, and masks we langung towards the mosque for prayers A’shar Baitul Makmur. After the prayer we A’shar then mature the same public figures received by Mr Jalil, mas and Mr.NUR Nsrudin our intentions.Pak Jalil welcomed us with love for visit and hopefully be a charitable pious pray for vocational schools SMK MUHAMMADIYAH I PLAYEN. Finished chatting we headed home to enjoy the water mas Nasrudin tea snacks and meals from family mas Nasrudin, actually we do not want trouble but Logo has been created and provided we enjoy with pleasure.

Done beramah hearted we ask ourselves to mas Nasrudin to go back to school.

After passing his way home for about 2 hours at about half eight in the evening we arrived at school after being stopped at the Air Force masjit Yogyakarta for Maghrib prayers.

Hospitality is so quick to the area and location of victims of the eruption of Mount Merapi in the hamlet Grantingan, Bringin Srumbung Magelang. May Allah Almighty give strength to the community is affected Merapi. Amien.


Tabaraka wata’ala God spoke (in the hadith Qudsi): “O Children of Adam, infaklah (Spend your treasure), then I will give you a living.” (Narrated by Muslim)