Saturation of education in the room is sometimes experienced by children, including children TPA Al-Huda Singkar Wareng Wonosari GK. To eliminate saturation regularly invite authors to activities outside by looking at the situation and condition. In November 2010, exactly on Sunday November 14, we take a walk to a location on the hill Bendo a distance of about 2 km from the mosque.
Since the six-thirty in the morning the children had gathered at the mosque with the provision of drinks and food dri masing.Sekitar homes at seven children we gathered at the mosque landfill then given an explanation of pemberangkatannya.Sekitar 40 children were divided into 4 groups, 2 groups son and 2 groups putri.Kita give an explanation of the discipline and work to be done at the location of Bukit Bendo.
After complete explanation for continuing to worship during the leave to return home is protected by Allah SWT.Sistem path per group with the village down the road free of traffic. Arriving at the hill Bendo all participants a break to eat and drink their own innate from rumah.Selesai eat and drink all the participants received the task of drawing the scene in front of him with a picture that was taken from the house. The Bendo hill seen to the east there are a thousand mountains, towers HP in Wonosari, Semanu, Mulo. So is the mountain Lawu faintly visible to the east of a thousand hills.
Are finished drawing the children gathered about the technical back and explained his return, finished the explanation directly dispatched to the mosque of Al-Huda. Journey home because the landscape is clearly visible children looked cheerful and happy, so until the mosque no one feels tired.
With activities in free time around we had enough mengambillokasi eliminate saturation and issuance costs were only lightly so that should be developed for children in addition to physical well-trained, well trained loving environment around us.


96. If if the population of countries believe and fear Allah, surely We shall bestow on them the blessings of heaven and earth, but they belied (the verses of Us), then We seized them because of his actions. (QS 7. Al-A’raaf paragraph 96)